Custom Built Fiberglass Pools - On Site


 Custom Built Fiberglass Pools and Hot Tubs
  Our On-Site, custom built fiberglass pools. If you can design it, we can build it! Our state of the art process allows you to design the pool of your own imagination and have us build it, any size any shape, on site! With most built in just 5 days, the video can be found in our Photo Gallery section.

 Resurfacing and Repair
  The epoxy resin is a "state of the art" proprietary titanium fillers and modified acrylic for increased physical strength, chemical resistance and superior bonding properties. It is manufactured by a company with over forty-thee years experience in the research and development of epoxy coating and linings for industrial and pool applications. The fiberglass shell will use your current pool's structure for the shell to form around.

 Liner Replacements
  Our liners are not just pulled off a shelf in "hopes" of a good fit. We measure your pool and make the liner to fit your pool. You can choose from many different liner patterns. Our custom-fit vinyl liners give you the ultimate fit and pattern choice with a cost that every budget can manage.

 Custom Logos
  Looking for originality? Affordable Pools can customize a logo for your family. We can use your business name, family name, or anything else that you think would be a good finish to your pool. Ask us today how we can customize a logo for you! 

Why choose our company for your custom built pools?

Quality, Affordability, and Our State of the Art Process

Strength - Fiberglass is 17 times stronger than concrete and capable of flexing up to 12 inches

Indestructible - Our pools will with-stand the extremes of weather that other pools endure.

Quality - Our Products and services are the most up-to-date in the industry. You can observe our quality workmanship first hand from the start to finish. Your pool is built in your own backyard!

Surface - Our custom built fiberglass pools are finished with a "State of the Art" epoxy finish. This high performance thermosetting epoxy resin is reinforced with proprietary titanium fillers and modified acrylic for increased physical strength, chemical resistance, and superior bonding.

Guarantee Our commitment to you requires us to provide you with the best products and services available for the life of your pool!

Cost - Our costs are considerably less then traditional fiberglass pools, since we build them on-site you cut out the shipping alone from the manufacturers which saves thousands of dollars, since we build them on-site!


Custom Built Fiberglass Pools
Custom Built Fiberglass Pools
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